Urgent notification from a universal broker! Split of Apple and Tesla shares. #AAPL

The cost of Apple securities has decreased by 4 times. That is, the split was held in a 1 to 4 ratio. The holders received three new ones per share. The same thing happened in Tesla, but with a factor of 1 to 5.


Apple's previous 7-to-1 share split was in 2014, the fifth since the company entered the stock exchange in 1980. To date, the iPhone maker has overtaken Saudi Arabia's Saudi Aramco, a Saudi-producing oil company, and became the world's most expensive public company and the first in the United States to have a valuation of more than $2 trillion. Last Friday, Apple shares closed at $499.23 before the split, showing a 70% increase for the year.


Apple shares, which rose nearly 30 percent after it announced a surprise 4-to-1 share split on July 30 and a record quarterly results, were trading at $126.56 today, up 1.4 percent from Friday. Before Friday's split, shares closed at $499.23 on Friday, up 70 per cent this year.


Tesla shares, which have been up 61 percent since the first share split in mid-August at a 5-to-1 ratio, closed At $2,213.4 on Friday. They were priced 2.33% higher to $453 at premarket on Monday.


Due to the end of the crushing since August 31, 2020, the shares of issuers began to trade in the U.S. at an adjusted price, taking into account the crushing factor.


The depositation of additional securities into the depository accounts of shareholders under the terms of the corporate event will be carried out after its completion, taking into account the terms of its processing by depositaries. In the main bidding mode, filing of applications will be possible from 16:30 GMT on August 31.


As for CFD contracts for shares - you can contact support to resolve your issue.


For reference.


Split is when a company divides shares into several parts. For example, if a corporation declares a split in a ratio of 4 to 1, and its shares are worth $400, the owner of one share will receive three more on the announced pre-announced date. Each paper will cost $100, the investor will have four.
Thus, the shares became more, but the total value has not changed. Similarly, the total number of shares in circulation has quadrupled, but the capitalization has remained unchanged. Dividends per share are reduced four times. Dividend yields remain unchanged.


Companies often crush stocks when their price becomes too high in the absolute sense. Papers more than $400 may be unaffordable for low-cost retail investors. Corporations tend to hold splits to make paper cheaper and more accessible to private investors. As a result, the report of the split and the split itself can lead to the growth of papers.


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