The us stock market again shows growth. #SPX

On Monday 28 may the us stock market closed with amazing growth, the reason growth in the value of shares technological, consumer and commodity sectors.


At the close of new York stock exchange indexes showed growth:

  • The NASDAQ Composite was up 1.67%;
  • The Dow Jones rose by 0.43%;
  • S&P 500 up 0.74%.


The top gainers of the NASDAQ Composite index were shares of MediciNova Inc., whose value increased by 95,04%, this trend was picked up by securities of Histogenics Corp, their value rose to 66,62%. Absolute price rise were shares of Wilhelmina, as their growth was of 108.84%, after which they reached the mark of 7.80 PP.


Leaders of falling of components of the NASDAQ Composite index were shares of American women's clothing retailer Ascena Retail Group Inc, their value fell by 34.97%. The lowest rates were observed in WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc, where the price fell by 34.97%. Indicators of Professional Diversity Network Inc dropped in price by 31.09% to reach USD 1.3300.


The components of the Dow Jones did not grow as much as NASDAQ Composite, however, shares of Dow Inc rose by 3.26%, reaching the level of 44.00 PP. Further growth was in the securities of the pharmaceutical company Merck & Company Inc., they rose by 2.37%, and now trading at 78,93 PP. Shares of Apple Inc rose in price for 2,37%, a rise of 8.78 PP. Securities Intel Corporation rose 2.02% and 1.02 PP.


The leaders of the fall of the Dow Jones steel assets Boeing Co, their value fell by 2.04%, that is, 3,55 PP. At the same time lenient mobility showed paper Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., whose price is down 1.65%, namely by 0.67 PP.


The top gainers of the S&P 500 index were shares of Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc, whose value increased by 5.28%, reaching 106,85 PP. Then price scored Weyerhaeuser paper Company, rising to 5.25 percent and reached quotes 27,48. Shares of Biogen Inc increased by 5.09%, closing today's session at around 286,19.


Leaders of falling of index S&P 500 were shares of Hasbro Inc, the cost of which fell by 7.41%, to close with a quote on the mark 71,84. Lenient mobility continued promotion of the cruise company Hasbro Inc., down by 7.41% to close at around 71,84. Further, the value of the lost assets of the company, Carnival Corporation, where the price fell by 7.41%, closing the session at 13.75. The second cruise company to have lost their value became Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, the price of the securities was reduced by 6.95%.

28 July, 2020

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