Minimum Deposit

To start to trade on the platform must be paid to your Deposit account minimum amount 100 EUR. This is a rational attachment, which opens access to safe beginning work and obtaining the required information with assistance from analytical experts. If a trader invests an amount up to 10 000 EUR, starts to work the bonus system, through which you can get profit in the amount up to 100% of their earnings after holding and closing a successful transaction.

Types of accounts


Trading tools

Every trader gets access to the list of financial instruments that it can use to obtain the potential profit. You will receive income due to the difference in prices of purchase and sale of exchange traded and OTC assets. The company individually selects the necessary financial tools for every trader.

It can be:

  • Currency. The trader receives a leverage of 1:500 and has access to more than 80 currency pairs to trade.
  • Action. The trader has the opportunity to work with shares of large companies such as: Facebook, Apple, Nike, Google, IBM, Mercedes. Also, the company provides the most liquid index worldwide: S&P500, FTSE100, DAX30, MICEX, Nikkey 225.
  • The cryptocurrency. Possible investment in the most known cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Investment takes place in tandem with Fiat and in pairs in crypto/crypto.
  • Goods and raw materials. You will get the opportunity to sell contracts on crude oil, gold, gas and other products which have demand in the international markets.

Prices are tracked in real time, which allows you to develop a unique trading strategy and earn money on it.

How to start trading

In order to access the earnings on the international financial markets, you must register and open a personal trading account in the company.


After creating your account, you must Deposit funds to carry out operations in the trade terminal.

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