ETF is an actual market product in demand. Find out the latest information and start to work together with FXspace.

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Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) with English translates as Exchange traded funds. ETF is an actual market products, for which there is demand. Often, these securities, which consist of a basket of interrelated instruments. Exchange Traded Fund tracks key indicators of commodities, currencies, indices, sectors and measures of volatility. Exchange Traded Fund gives access to the financial tools and support facilities are trading on the stock exchanges.


Our advantage

Despite the fact that the market is changing rapidly, the company FXspace provides stability. We guarantee to capture the spread between the buying and selling. Enjoy the sales without interest!


Professional tools for trading

In order to be always in the loop and have time to learn new technologies, you must have current market data and need automated, graphical and analytical tools. The company FXspace will give you such opportunity on their trading platform.


The choice of tools from the company FXspace

Our database contains more than 1000 financial interests and 25 exchange-traded Fund. Take 2 minutes to open an account and get unlimited flow of useful information. We care about our customers, so there are two ways to recharge your account: Bank transfer or credit card.

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